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Prague Nightlife

Prague Nightlife

Prague nightlife is world-renowned and known to be some of the best in Europe. From small local bars, serving up Czech beer and spirits to everyone from the neighbourhood, all the way to some of Europe’s biggest clubs, Prague nightlife has something to offer to everyone.


Prague Nightlife


 Explore the Best Bars and Clubs Prague has to offer!

With a huge variety of fantastic bars and clubs, Prague has some great night-spots to check out and enjoy. Prague is home to everything from traditional beer halls (if there’s one thing that the Czechs really do well, it’s beer!) all the way up to sleek cocktail bars, and buzzing modern nightclubs where local students dance the night away to European dance music. Like many ex-Soviet capitals, previously industrial spaces have become havens for Techno music, and this underground scene has grown exponentially in Prague. Although these kind of events may be a little less accessible to tourists and visitors, if you’re lucky enough to find one, you’ll be in for a great night!

On the other end of the Prague nightlife spectrum, the city is home to a number of large and glamorous clubs. Although these are more expensive, like everything else in the city, they are still pretty reasonably priced and offer pretty good value for those wishing to party in luxurious, decadent surroundings.

In summary, if you’re looking for a city where you can enjoy a relaxed beer in a local beer hall or garden, before heading out and partying in some of Europe’s biggest and most impressive clubs, Prague is difficult to beat. There really is a night out in Prague to suit every taste.


 Prague Nightlife Area 

There are several Prague nightlife areas and knowing which to choose can be a tough decision. Luckily, the city is fairly small and the areas that are bursting with bars and clubs (and therefore the best nightlife in Prague) are all pretty close together. The most famous Prague nightlife area is situated around the Old Town Square and Namesti Republiky (the square bordering the so-called ‘New Town’ quarter of Prague. These areas are full of bars, the majority of which are very tourist-friendly. For those wishing to explore more local bars, countless local drinking holes can be found a short distance out of the old town centre – after all, Prague is a small town and one which can be explored easily for those feeling a sense of adventure (Czech beer may help with boosting this!). If you’re feeling the need to check out some authentic neighbourhood bars, you won’t be disappointed – although the language barrier could cause a couple of minor issues, being brave and exploring local bars can make you stumble across some of the best nightlife in Prague!

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